Seminar Six Materials

Presentations and media from the Sixth seminar, “Lessons Learned and Development of Research Agenda


Dr. Carolyn Axtell


‘Introduction to the day’


Dr. Carolyn Axtell’s Presentation








Professor Dame Carol Black


‘Improving the health and wellbeing of working people’


Professor Dame Carol Black’s presentation


“Working for a Healthier Tomorrow” report
Report on employment and drugs, alcohol & obesity








The DEW Convenors


‘Summary of Findings’


Summary of Seminar Series








Emma Donaldson-Feilder and Rachel Lewis


‘Putting the findings in context’


Emma Donaldson-Feilder and Rachel Lewis’ presentation








Group Discussions and Feedback

‘Developing a Research Agenda’


Four groups discussed possible research projects which could follow on from the seminar series.

Group 1: Study of Organisational/CEO perceptions of using Big Data for Employee Wellbeing – and sources of data available within organisations.
Group 2: Examining Employee/Union views of using Big Data for Employee Wellbeing – hopes and fears.
Group 3: Development of Values and Principles to guide the ethical use of Big Data for examining employee wellbeing.
Group 4: Testing the use of (Big) data for examining employee wellbeing within organisations. Using data held within organisations and wellbeing programmes.

Each of these projects requires a multi-disciplinary approach and active partner organisations. The research ideas will be co-produced with partner organisations and academics developing and conducting the research together. If you are interested in being involved in any of these projects or being part of our advisory board, please contact the PI – Carolyn Axtell (