What Data and How?


Convenors: Professor Stephen Pinfield; Sheffield University, June 21st 2016, 10:30AM – 4PM.


This seminar will explore the different types of digital data that employers currently collect and how they make use of them. It will also examine how digital data can be mined to find indicators that may be effective in signalling employee health. In addition it will discuss key technical solutions and techniques, and data governance structures and processes.

This seminar session includes the following Speakers:


Productive Subjects: Workplace wellness programmes, big data and affective control


‘Collecting and analysing employee data to understand employee well-being – What can we learn from organisations?’


‘Big data: Big opportunities and big challenges’


‘Big data in the context of research on wages and related gender gaps’


Using big data in practice: Computational infrastructures



Also, why not stick around for the IWP conference on 22nd and 23rd June?


Interviews and content from this seminar are now available Here.