Employee Perspectives


Convenors: Professor Bridgette Wessels; October 26th 2016, Sheffield University.


This seminar explores employee and individual perspectives on monitoring data to examine employee health and wellbeing.  It assesses issues related to employee surveillance and individual ownership of data as well as more critical perspectives on the need for an individual perspective on wellbeing that complements a more data driven approach.

This seminar session includes the following Speakers:


‘Introduction to seminar and framing the use of big data for wellbeing from employee perspectives’


Big Data for collaborative decision making


  • Andy Dodman, Human Resources Department, University of Sheffield & Maureen Howard, Representing University Unions;

‘Staff Wellbeing: The employer and employee perspective’


‘Designing for Accountability in the Age of Big Data’


‘Enacting the internet and social media on the public sector’s frontline’

Interviews and content from this seminar are now available Here.