The Benefits and Disbenefits of monitoring digital data for health purposes


Convenors: Dr Mark Taylor, Prof Graeme Laurie.

Location: Old College, South Bridge, Edinburgh, EH8 9YL (In the Raeburn and Carstares Rooms)

Date: 1st March, 2017,


This seminar explores the conditions of ethical and lawful monitoring of employee workplace practices for the purposes of identifying risk of poor physical and mental health. It will address the boundaries of legitimate/illegitimate monitoring and consider how employee trust and confidence in the benefits of monitoring may be achieved whilst avoiding the disbenefits. It will explore how employees might be ethically and lawfully monitored for the purposes of safeguarding employee health through understanding the legal and ethical requirements.


This seminar session includes the following Speakers:


‘Introduction to seminar and framing the use of big data for wellbeing from ethical and legal perspective’


‘The Quantified Self ‘


Principles of Good Data Governance


‘How far can Law on its own create an environment of trust and confidence especially for people who feel vulnerable?’


‘Implied Trust and Confidence’

Interviews and content from this seminar are now available Here.